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Pilates Workshops

Our Free Pilates Workshops run every 8 weeks on the first Sunday of the Month. Suitable for everyone who want to learn the fundamentals of Pilates in a fun and supportive community. 

Next Free Pilates Workshop 
Sunday 5th May

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Prioritise your Wellbeing

If you are ready to start your Pilates journey, but would like more information before committing to attending a class. Come along to one of our free Pilates Workshops.

If you want movement that is low impact, increase your strength and improve your mobility, flexibility and balance, this workshop is for you! 

We run the Pilates workshops every 8 weeks on the first Sunday of the month. 

The Pilates workshop is suitable for all fitness levels, but will focus on the beginner movement repertoire at the workshop.  

What Is the Pilates Workshop about?

The Pilates Workshop starts with an introduction to Pilates, a 40 minute full body movement session, and an opportunity to ask questions and engage with other like-minded individuals in a fun and supportive setting. 

Who is the Pilates Workshop for?

Everyone and anyone who are interested in starting their Pilates journey, reconnecting to their Pilates practice, or for those who are generally curious about Pilates. 


What Do I Need to bring to the workshop?

If you have a yoga/pilates mat at home, bring this along, and grip socks are a great idea too. (but not required) If you don't have either, we can supply the mat at the workshop. a water bottle, and wear comfortable easy movement clothing. 

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